"Simply Say Yes"

Busy planning your wedding? How awesome is that! Say or whisper "YES" in one of the most beautiful locations one can think of when in search of a memorable location for this purpose.

Marry in unique ambience, which is as unmistakable and singular as your most beautiful day in life. Particularly for larger weddings the glass pyramid flooded with light is showing a unique beauty of thousands of plants, spreading a marvellous ambience, and our 4.000 m² garden area create an ideal framework for your agape or an idyllic BBQ.

And in the evening when all the plants and the glass pyramid are flooded in ambience lights you and each of your guests are getting in the right mood to celebrate with the only wish of simply having a good and great time together. It is all about you then.

For each size of group we will find the suitable restaurant, why not celebrating in our winter garden?, Simply give each step of work and the whole planning into the hands of our experienced event team, your only job is to enoy these unique moments to the fullest. Simply Say YES !





Rooms m2
Event-Pyramide 2850 1500 0 0 1100 2100 3600
Kleine Pyramide 1200 350 0 0 0 600 400
Wintergarten 590 250 0 0 350 0 350
Hemingways 475 230 0 0 0 0 0
World of Coffee & Tea 600 0 0 0 0 0 400
Civil Ceremony Required


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