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The 42-meter-high glass pyramid, in the mean time acting as a kind of landmark in the whole area does not only rise up into the surrounding landscape it is also name giver of our hotel, it has written the history of the property since the very first day of its existence.

The pyramid was originally used as an exclusive swimming and sauna area, all together the exotic tropical flora with 14 m high palms, different restaurants and bars, the huge fitness areas and exclusive bungalows as well as the glass pyramid cover were spectacular and unique features at that time.

In the year 2000 the original use as a luxury bath was stopped and the pyramid was converted into a one-of-a-kind event and congress location. It is the valuable quality of the pyramid that due to its variability it can meet with the high expectations of each event planner. Thus all types of events will remain in the memory of each participant – and memorable memories will come to life. And that´s what it is all about in the event industry: It´s the main goal of each event to create emotional and unforgettable moments.

COME AS YOU ARE – let the Pyramide be the perfect framework for your event.

Capacaties & Floor plans: 


Rooms m2
Event-Pyramide 2850 1500 0 0 1100 2100 3600
Kleine Pyramide 1200 350 0 0 0 600 400
Wintergarten 590 250 0 0 350 0 350
World of Coffee & Tea 600 0 0 0 0 0 400


3 reasons to stay with us

Rooms: 461 Rooms + Suites

Meetings & Events: All under one roof

Wellness: 5000 m² in-outdoor landscape

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