Rooms & Floor Plans

Capacaties & Floor plans:

Europa Saal 11708048090140120
Europa Saal 21708048090140120
Europa Saal 31708048090140120
Europa Saal 47503501300380600650
Europa Saal 51206440070100100
Europa Saal 61206440070100100
Europa Saal 71206440070100100
Europa 1+2 oder 2+3340160720160300252
Europa 5+6 oder 6+7240120700140240180
Europa 5+6+7360180900210350260
Europa 1-351027000300400400
Europa 1-41250650006009001100
Austria 12916101012150
Austria 24724151218300
Austria 3291610100150
Austria 43816151018250
Pacific 180403535466052
Pacific 280403535466052
Pacific 380403535466052
Pacific 1+2 oder 2+3160805258100120110
Pacific 1+2+324012000138160180
Kleine Pyramide1200350000600400
World of Coffee & Tea60000000400

Conference Packages

Conference packagesHalf DayFull DayDetails
Conference Package*€ 48.€ 58.Room rental and standard technical equipment incl. WLAN
Notepad, pen and goody for every participant
1-2 soft drinks per person in the conference room
Coffee break in the morning and/or in the afternoon with fruits and snacks
Seasonal business lunch or dinner incl. 1 non-alcoholic drink per person
ALL IN Conference Package*€ 52.€ 63.Welcome coffee and tea before the seminar starts
Unlimited soft drinks in the main conference room
Unlimited drinks at lunch or dinner (non-alcoholic, coffee, tea)
*Prices are starting from 10 participants

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